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What kind of running shoes is better? How to buy?
- Jun 29, 2017 -

The first part of the meaning of running shoes, the second part of the classification of running 

shoes, the third part of how to quickly find their own running shoes. If you want to quickly choose the shoes, then jump directly to the third part of the good.

One, why need a pair of running shoes

1. The way of landing when running

Running when the foot of the way there are generally three ways: the heel to the ground, the arch at the ground, the front foot to the ground。

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A study in the Gait & Posture, an academic journal in the field of kinematics, points out that in a study of 900 primary runners, the vast majority of people ran on the heel before running. The researchers found that in 456 male subjects, 96.9% of the heel first floor. Of the 447 female subjects, 99.3% were heels first. Therefore, the following mainly for the back of the way to introduce the way.

2. why the knee will be damaged when running

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The graph on the graph depicts the change in the ground reaction force from the back of the heel to the soles of the foot, and it is clear that there are two peaks. The first peak is the heel contact with the ground moment, the ground to the feet and calves of the reaction force, the impact of the peak is basically reflected at this time on the foot and the impact of the size of the calf, but also the main cause of injury.

When we are behind the heel, in a very short time (less than 0.05 seconds), several times the weight of the ground reaction force applied to the heel and ankle, especially inappropriate running posture makes the knee when the knee straight Near the muscle is difficult to participate in the buffer, can only rely on soft tissue (fat pad, articular cartilage, meniscus) to deal with the impact.

This is only a one-time effect, running thousands of times the impact of the cumulative accumulation, is bound to make the knee under great pressure, which is why the knee injury as one of the most important trauma of the runners. Many of the ill-protected running enthusiasts are born with a huge knee injury torture, and even walking need to hold things to move. 3. The role of running shoes Therefore, before not professionally trained, and now run relatively large people, need to run shoes to buffer. Like a cup directly on the ground is easy to break, and wrapped in a layer of sponge, the buffer time longer, it is not easy to break. Running shoes is a similar principle. Running shoes often have a relatively thick soles, while the use of special soles material and structure to help us to buffer. Such as Asics Gel cushioning rubber, New Balance's Abzorb foam polyester, Mizuno's Wave wave plate cushioning film, can reduce the impact on the knee when running. Therefore, running shoes is not to let you run faster, but to let you run when not injured. This is the meaning of running shoes. 4. The front foot of the ground running posture Maybe you will ask, the front foot of the ground running way is not a little damage to the knee joint. Indeed, the front foot of the ground when the reaction force increased slowly, the impact on the knee is relatively small. At this time suitable for wearing shoes is not higher than the heel running shoes. But the front foot of the ground running on the leg muscles of the requirements are relatively high, and when the speed is relatively slow, but more laborious. Therefore, for the experience is not very rich runners, if you are not on the high speed requirements, or after the heel is better


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