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choosing running shoes
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Insole can be washed and wash, in order to ensure the health of shoes. The insole is closest to the foot of the layer, can slow down the movement to the soles of the impact, to extend the life of the shoe.

Shoelaces are knitted, made of plastic, the Department of easy and convenient. Shoelace is best in the ankle position, so that the ankle can have a better support.

Take a look at the tongue can be fixed, because in the movement is easy to make tongue twist, causing discomfort, tongue material to be soft, breathable.

Foot type should also be considered. Most people's feet have low or flat feet, normal arch and high arch three types. Flat feet of the people, should choose a pair of hard after the help, strong support shoes; high bow of the people, should choose strong shock, heel stability of the shoes.