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How does the Heelys slip?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

1. Heelys shoes primary learning basic posture

The body naturally relaxes and looks up in front. The legs are pulled forward and backward, and the center of gravity falls on the wheels of the forefoot Heelys. The forefoot is lifted off the ground. Both arms relax naturally and stand in balance.

2. Heelys shoes sliding method

The legs are open before and after, and the front wheels touch the ground. Before the back of the foot, the foot is squatting, and the front of the floating leg is placed in front of the ground. The body bends forward slightly, the center of gravity moves forward, and the wheel falls behind the support foot. Keep balance and use inertia to slide forward.

3. Heelys shoes stop walking shoes

When the slow stop is required, the forefoot of the front leg is braked to the ground. The front knee is slightly flexed, and the inertia is ran forward a few steps to reduce the inertial force until the balance is safely stopped.

4 Heelys shoes slide and turn left and bend the arc

With the coasting inertia, the legs are opened front and rear. The left leg is in front and the body leans slightly to the left when turning. Under the auger of the forefoot, the left turn arc is completed.

5. Heelys shoes slide to the right turn curved line

With the coasting inertia, the legs are opened front and rear. The right leg is in front and the body leans slightly to the right when turning. Driven by the front foot and outside, keep balancing to complete the sliding practice of the right turn arc.

6. Heelys shoes continue to turn and slide

With the coasting inertia, the legs are opened front and rear. Two-wheel support slides, when turning continuously. The front foot continuously completes the left and right swings with the body movements, and the two arms are equipped with the balance to complete the practice of continuous turning and sliding.

7. Heely walks back and forth slowly

The body is balanced on a straight-lined basis and the feet slide back and forth. The magnitude of the action should be moderately controlled according to individual circumstances.

8. Heelys shoes slide around the triangle point heely shoes

Based on continuous turning and sliding. Complete the continuous turning action along the prompt of the set point.

9. Heelys shoes official website sliding "8" word route taxiing

On the basis of continuous gliding. According to the pile points set on the site, slide along the “8” line continuously

10. Heelys shoes "Ten" word change to slide

On the basis of continuous sliding, when the pile points set on the site slide continuously along the “Ten” line, they must be bypassed from the left side of the middle pile point. Bypass the other pile points from the right side. Straight lines can be smashed and curved.