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How to choose wheel shoes?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Determine if there is any harm

1, the wheel heel should not be too high

The effect of wheel shoes on children is mainly in the heel. Children are not wearing high heels during skeletal development. Therefore, it is the key that the heel shoes can not be too high. The international standard and the height of no more than 3CM are qualified shoes. At present, the most popular manual type of Heelys shoes on the market are increased or increased by the inside, and the heels are generally more than 5cm. These shoes have an impact on the health of children. The height of the heel shoes is no more than 3cm, which is in line with the international and high requirements of children's shoes. Many cottages have not met this requirement regardless of whether they are increased or increased. Therefore, the heel of the heel can not be too high is a prerequisite. For the sake of your child's health, please don't buy shoes that are too high when you buy the shoes.

2, the outsole sole should not be too bad

(1) Heelys shoes soles - outsole

The outsole sole is usually made of rubber or TPR plastic. These two materials are very different in performance. The rubber sole is bent 180 degrees, 1000 times without cracks, and the TPR is bent 180 degrees, 100 times will crack. There is also a world difference in wear resistance. The TPR bottom works continuously for half an hour on a professional wear test machine, and the sole pattern is completely smoothed. Because Heelys is a sports product, especially for the sole strength, toughness and wear resistance requirements, according to the international standard sole requirements, the contact between the outsole and the ground must be rubber, and the rubber content is not less than 30%. However, at present, most outsole shoes in the country use TPR (a plastic name) sole. This sole material is only allowed to be used on young children's shoes that are not learned to walk at the age of 3 according to international standards. The disadvantage of this material is that it is not wear resistant and has no softness beyond 2 mm thickness. Heelys shoes are a kind of sports products that produce vibration when sliding. Because of the high hardness of this material, the sole is thick and still has poor shock absorption. Many children will feel heel pain shortly after wearing this type of sneakers. This is the reason. This kind of problem affects the wearing comfort, but the foot muscles and the foot meridians are injured, which seriously affects health.

(2) Heelys shoes soles - midsole

The midsole of the Heelys is the key to the quality. The role of the midsole is to change the hardness caused by the wheel frame on the sole and the anti-shock effect when sliding, so the material requirements of the midsole are very high. The international heel shoes standard requires the midsole to be a pu material. The advantage of the pu material is that it is softer and more elastic than rubber, and has a high density and is not easily deformed. This pu material is also a designated requirement for the basketball shoe shockproof pad in the international standard. The PU material is 4 times higher than the PP density, the elastic coefficient of the PU is 8 times higher than that of the PP, and the seismic value of the PU is 5 times that of the PP. At present, most of the heel shoes manufacturers do not produce according to international standards, many even use TPR plastic outsole, this plastic is not easy to break and can not break the rubber performance; and the basic manufacturer of the midsole uses foam uv (that is, daily See the refills of white foam board for electrical packaging. This material has no toughness, no elasticity, and low density. It does not rebound after being deformed by pressure, so it needs to be thick enough to ease the heel pain caused by the shock. Here you should know why the radius of the wheels of the Heelys shoes is up to 1.9cm, that is to say, the highest point of the soles of the Heelys shoes is no more than 2.0cm, so why the soles are made 5cm or even higher.

Judge whether it is safe

This mainly depends on the style of the shoes. At present, there are two types of domestic heel shoes: manual models and automatic models. The mechanical design of the automatic heel shoes has its own safety hazard. Generally, the automatic models have a long button behind the heel. The insider calls it the mouse tail. When the child is down the stairs or in a crowded flow, he is not careful. When the external button hits the follow-up button, the sole wheel will pop out instantly. In the unguarded situation, the child often cannot control the balance and cause a fall. If this happens on the stairs, the consequences are unimaginable. Then fatal is not an alarmist. This kind of automatic heel shoes not only affects health but also relates to life safety, so it is absolutely impossible to buy and can not wear. The hand-held Heelys wheels can be disassembled, and the wheels are loaded when the child is playing. When the wheels are not used, the wheels can be removed and worn as ordinary sports shoes. In general, when children are focused on playing, they will choose a good venue and have enough psychological precautions. Generally, they will not wrestle if they do not play some difficult movements.

Shoe comfort

1, see if the size fits

Let the children try on the same shoe size to fit, the regular shoes are made according to the international standard size.

2, see if the shoes are comfortable and breathable

In addition, let the child feel the comfort and breathability, mainly depends on the material, texture, thickness and feel.