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Resistance to compression test of Baotou
- Jan 14, 2017 -

For this reason, it can be said that if the soles of the hardness of the formula is relatively large, it is more effective on the support of Baotou shoes. Another factor to consider is that the design of the shoe soles and shoes to keep the edge of Baotou in a straight line, and the soles of the teeth to have teeth. This is because the gap between the soles of the teeth can not provide a good support, so if possible, try to avoid the overlap between the shoe Baotou edge and the soles of the teeth.

The sole design features of another may affect Baotou shoe protection ability, is the direction of the total thickness of the sole toward the toe gradually reduced, which increases the degree of toe spring. On the contrary it will affect the performance of protective shoes in Baotou, leaning forward during shock or impact when the former rocker toe, which makes the front shell of the Baotou shoes shoes in Baotou is lower than the trailing edge.