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rubber outsole
- Dec 26, 2017 -

Rubber material: Advantages: good wear resistance, non-slip, flexible, easy to break, good flexibility, good extension, shrinkage and stability, good hardness, good bending.

Rubber soles are safety shoes commonly used materials, with strong anti-chemical corrosion resistance and resistance to physical abrasion performance, but also in the short term high temperature resistant to 300 ℃; it is a polymer compound, not only has high elasticity, but also has High abrasion resistance and flex resistance, can withstand multiple bending, stretching, compression without damage; the same time, the rubber also has impermeability, airtight, acid and alkali resistance, excellent insulation and adhesion strength High performance.

How to tell the rubber soles

Rubber outsole is made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Because rubber is a polymer compound. Therefore, the soles of rubber soles have a high elasticity, high wear resistance, and withstand multiple bending, stretching, compression without damage. Also has acid and alkali, it is suitable for wearing on a rainy day. Now a lot of sports shoes on the market are almost made of rubber outsole. Like basketball, football, tennis shoes and so on. Because they all belong to the more intense sports, so require a higher wear resistance of the end. In fact, the rubber is all the use of rubber sports shoes sole collectively, according to the specific material and ingredients division, the rubber outsole can also be finely divided into natural rubber, wear-resistant rubber, environmental rubber, air rubber and carbonated rubber outsole and many more.

Rubber is soft, very flexible, it is easy to distinguish, squeeze by hand is strong elasticity; smell with a rubber nose similar smell is; force thrown to the ground, there is a sign of the ball is.

Rubber outsole as sports shoes, the most visible material, in daily wear and maintenance also need to pay attention to the following items: Athletes or sports enthusiasts should often wear the purchased rubber outsole shoes, which is to extend the service life of shoes Please, more To remember to try to clean as little as possible, it was forced to use after cleaning the shoe support will help restore the original shape of shoes. Or the cardboard in the shoes filled, reported a double benefit, not only can help restore the shape of the shoes, but also quickly absorb excess moisture in shoes.