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Sports shoes
- Jan 14, 2017 -

First recruit:

It is best to choose the shoes at three p.m. to around six, because the foot will be slightly inflated at this time, if the size of the selected size does not feel small, the other day to wear no problem. Stand up and try it, because it will be a little bigger when you stand. Try not to wear only look into the mirror to buy, be sure to go back and forth a few steps, carefully feel the stability and size of the shoes is appropriate.

Second strokes:

A pair of shoes - clean socks, easy to wear off a pair of shoes, avoid sweat stains appear tried shoes in embarrassment.

The third measure:

About 2/3 people are not as big as two feet, remember which long which is short, try the shoes when both feet to try. Choose the shoes with a slightly larger one. Not only to choose the shoes or shoes to buy on behalf of the trustee, we must personally try to last, because the style or brand models of different standards, the size of the shoes will be different.