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Sports shoes can be divided into the following 5:
- Jan 14, 2017 -

Control action class

Suitable for moderate to severe varus foot, and the weight is higher, it can improve the running control of the heel and the running action, and can support the arch part. The external characteristics of the arch part is thickened, the weight of the shoe on the medium.

Shock absorber

For running well, landing with the foot ball or the central and lateral supporting foot runners. The weight of the shoes is moderate and the soles are thick.

Stable class

Suitable for mild to moderate varus foot type, with the foot of the central and lateral support runner. Shoes self weight medium.

Race class

Suitable for runners who are good at running, light weight or light feet. Shoes are lighter in weight.

Off road class

Thick soles, deep groove, suitable for running in the land, forest and other natural ground in. Weight of shoes.