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Things to pay attention to when wearing wheel shoes
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Sliding is dangerous, so wear protective gear when you are taxiing and avoid sliding on roads, stairs, slopes, bumps and slippery roads.

Here are some safe measures for Heelys shoes.

1. Safe sliding: Wear full protection equipment, head guards, elbow pads and knee pads when sliding. When balancing yourself, place the two feet back and forth (the stronger one is placed behind) and make it in a straight line. Up and forward direction is the same).

2, the basic taxi:

The front foot is stepped forward, then the foot board is lifted, and the heel pulley is used as a fulcrum. After the step, the hind foot kicks up to form the forward power.

3. Stop sliding:

Slow stop --- raise the front foot plate a little higher, so that the foot plate will rub against the ground and stop.

Emergency stop---put down the front foot plate and stop it immediately. If the power is too big, you can take a few steps to remove the force.

Tow---put down the footboard slowly, so that the sole slowly touches the ground and rubs to achieve the stop effect. (can be used on longer slopes or when deceleration is required)

Slider notes and methods:

1, method

In the center of the extreme type of Heelys shoes, there is a sliding groove, which can slide on a steel pipe. The legs are separated by 50 to 80 cm. The length of the legs is determined, and the two feet are in 90 degree contact with the steel pipe. The sliding groove is just stuck on the steel pipe, which is a circular orbit. The high point slides down, and more is to slide on the armrests on both sides of the stairs.

2, pay attention

Before boarding, make sure that the outer diameter of the railing matches the groove of the slide, whether it is smooth, and there is no obstacle at the end.

In a short glide, you can also jump, turn around and perform some thrilling and beautiful moves. Newcomers practice to practice on the low pole, or take a balance with the iron column, stand for 30 minutes or so, they must have certain conditions to play. Have enough leg strength and balance, be confident, brave, not afraid of injury, if you don't have the above conditions, don't play with them. The wounded are very much psychologically prepared.