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What are the disadvantages of Shoes With Retractable Wheels
- Nov 30, 2018 -

At present, many children, because of their physical fitness, excessive exercise or improper exercise methods, caused by osteoarthritis, chondritis and so on. The doctor said that this may be caused by wearing a pair of shoes. The doctor also said that Heelys shoes are especially unsuitable for children under the age of five or six, and it is not suitable for children to wear them as everyday shoes for a long time. Children's bones are not yet fully developed, and there are more cartilage components in the body. Wearing heevil shoes is more likely to be injured. Under normal circumstances, walking is the average weight of the soles of the feet, but when walking in the heel shoes, only the heel is in a heavy state for a long time. If the heel is under too much pressure, it may cause inflammation. In addition, the stability of the ankle joint of children is relatively poor. In addition, long-term wearing of the heel shoes will affect the development of the arch of the child and the growth of the ankle muscles. It will also affect the walking posture and easily cause an ankle sprain.

I was disappointed and speechless when I saw this report. Today's children, class, tutoring has taken up almost all of the time, but life is in motion, the ancestors told us that this is scientific and necessary. Nowadays, children have a lot of interest, that is, they have no sports interest, they have a lot of talents, they have no sports talents, they have a lot of thoughts, that is, they have no sports thoughts. If this continues, will your next generation have a developed head, degenerate limbs, and how to balance the future human body? . . . Let’s take a look at the children from abroad. They have been playing since childhood. They have good ideas. Parents encourage them to create their own. As long as they are not rapists, they can get support from parents’ schools, so Chinese football can never be kicked out. Guomen, because playing football is too dangerous, if you don't do well, you will break your arms and legs, and fall on the court without parents to help.

Just like satellite phones are more expensive than mobile phones. The current school education is also controlled by the parents. The teacher can't punish the students. The teacher can't scream the students loudly. Some teachers are chopped because the students are chopped by the parents of the students. Some schools are ruined by the parents because the students are punished. So now the school and now The teachers are all clever, and they say that they are good-minded, and they say that it’s a bad job, so Baidu often sees students skipping classes in class. After 90, the door is out of the door, and students are gangsters. Now those junk idol dramas, a large number of older star brothers and sisters, what students are going to school is not a fight or love to die, not a rich second generation is an axe help, never see how the star learns in school, so go on Students who can develop into what we don’t know may only be conscious. As a new sport, Heelys is popular in foreign countries. The United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. have no problems. When China arrives, there is no prohibited token. The reason is that his long-term use will cause harm to the children’s feet. It may cause children to wrestle. What I don't understand is why foreign children will not cause harm. Children will be "in" injured. The car will kill people. I don't know why not ban cars. Chinese basketball football will also suffer from wrestling. Why it is uncomfortable to train the national team. Can we not change our way of thinking and change the prohibition into guidance or education? The correct method of use will definitely not cause harm. We can't learn about the correct use of foreign countries. Now children can easily find a sport they like. Parents will immediately swear out, the school will immediately ban, and the society will immediately come out to block. How can children develop, can our children not have their own thoughts and hobbies, sports are dangerous, and care must be taken when walking! However, living in this world is an adventure. You can know what is going on in the sky and you are dying. You can know what to eat. If you are poisoned, you can eat it. Even if you are sitting at home, you may be able to send it. An earthquake has killed you, so we can't kill their growth process on the grounds that children are not injured. Children need exercise.