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What is the difference between Heelys and manual shoes?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

What is the difference between Heelys and manual shoes?

I have been playing with Heelys shoes and can learn the good spirits of many Americans. I am not afraid of being hurt (or die, if I am afraid, how can I play it all the time), have perseverance (no perseverance, how do you practice those fancy?), not afraid of difficulties ( Although an action will fail, it will definitely not be practiced if you are afraid of difficulties.) There is an adventurous spirit (if you don’t dare to desperately, how to become a master, how to make a screaming and difficult life-playing action), self-confidence (when your skills are getting better and better) You no longer feel that you are a person with no special skills. Dare to try (do not dare to try, how to develop high-tech), etc. This shoe in Chinese textbooks will always have only theoretical non-practical things.

Playing Heelys will make you hurt, but it is worth it (at least for me). When you get these things, you basically have the capital to become a future "rich" (can you succeed in the end) Seeing your own efforts), the gap between the rich and the poor is not money, it is thought! You go to Baidu to see the rich and the poor. Why don't you look at so many extreme sportsmen in foreign countries? They are all rich people. The important thing is that they have money, they become rich after they play. You think about it, if you don't touch something with wheels, how do you invent something similar? Because I will play roller skates, so I understand the principle of inventing the shoes, earning N billion dollars every year. I don't know the inventor of the shoes. It’s rich. When he was living in a difficult life, he changed his destiny because he invented a pair of sneakers.

Those who say that the Heelys are harmful are definitely the ones who are stubborn and stubborn. How can they understand the new generation of thoughts? Plus, in those days, there was a computer? Is there a chance to contact foreign things? It must not be understood. Plus they have never seen real American Heelys shoes, they are all seeing children playing some knockoffs.