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What kind of good shoe material
- Jul 11, 2017 -

The sole structure is quite complex, and in broad terms, it may include all the material that forms the bottom of the outsole, the midsole and the heel. In the narrow sense, only refers to the outsole, the general characteristics of the common soles should be wear-resistant, water, oil, heat, pressure, impact resistance, good elasticity, easy for foot type, Insulation, easy to absorb moisture, etc., but also with the end, in the walk for the foot when the brake does not slip and easy to stop and other conditions. There are many types of materials used in the soles, which can be divided into two kinds of natural materials and synthetic materials. Natural base materials include natural leather, bamboo, wood, etc., synthetic base materials, including rubber, plastic, rubber and plastics materials, recycled leather, flexible cardboard and so on.