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Choosing Running Shoes
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Buy shoes is the key to comfort and fit, do not just pay attention to style, color and brand. Comfortable sports shoes can reduce the occurrence of foot blisters and prevent the feet in the shoes sliding.


To pay attention to the functionality of sports shoes, sports shoes to understand the anti-slip function, shock absorption and stability. Good skid performance shoes can increase the friction, reduce the chances of slipping; shock performance good shoes can slow down the impact of external force on the foot; stable shoes can protect the ankle.


Pay attention to sports shoes breathable and anti-bacterial deodorant performance, breathable shoes can quickly sweat the feet sweat, reducing the risk of bacterial and fungal infection at the feet. Buy with nano antibacterial deodorant and other very functional sports shoes, to look for its test report or patent certificate, so as not to be deceived. Like the ball sports people, the best choice for the upper leather, because its tolerance and firmness are better.


When you buy an athletic shoe, wear the same sock test shoes as you exercise, and leave the space at the front of the toes to prevent the feet from being scratched and swollen, adjusting the moisture of the feet and making the feet dry. The best feet try, because most of the size of two feet is not the same.