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LED Panel Light Assembly Process:
- Jan 14, 2017 -

1, the four screws placed into the body of the head cover hole.

2, slide the four screws to the holes disk stuck in the cap of the site and determine the cross.

3, the four screw holes of the power structure and alignment, if uneven, can be made mobile.

4, the nut and the screw tightened up and fixed power supply with Panel light boxes.

5, the power output of the bolt structure and internal bolt connection and fit insertion, forcibly insert cannot be reversed.

6, body embedded in the ceiling, plug in the power, turn on the switch panel lights turn on.

Note: Panel lamp design and dimensions of the ceiling, embedding, and not slanted to prevent slipping. Due to the construction of each in different ways, mainly check if ceiling joist can bear its weight and embedded in the area of compatibility or other reinforcement Panel light, be suspended.