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Number Of LED Lights With Light-Pearl Concrete:
- Jan 14, 2017 -

LED lights with number of lights per meter is fixed. Such as WS2811, magic lantern, a meter with 60 led 5050RGB. WS2811 magic lantern 30 lights, 48 lights. There is also a single point of control light bar, built-in IC, WS2812B lamps, 30 light 60 led, 90 lights, 144 lights, and so on. If you have other special requests, such as 50 bulbs per meter, this involves the circuit you want to modify. As it is usually the 3 LED a group if 50 lights, will become a group is not enough, but if the two LED lights with a group, it will increase the resistance of the resistor, and this will result in a waste of resources. So, when doing the custom LED lights with special requirements, be sure to note the bulb number is a multiple of 3, voltage so as not to cause a waste of resources.