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Running Shoe Brands
- Sep 09, 2017 -

Running the most important one is the intensity, the second is the time. Strength determines whether the running is aerobic, mixed or anaerobic exercise; time is to ensure the aerobic and mixed range of exercise effect. Relatively simple way to distinguish the intensity can be used to measure the breath, a four-step breathing mild, three-step breathing moderate, two-step breathing that is into the anaerobic exercise, and need to slow down.

In general, for people who want to lose weight, the intensity should not exceed the middle, the time should not be shorter than 40 minutes; for those who aim to improve heart and lung function, the intensity to maintain the medium and occasionally high-intensity exercise as well Can be controlled in about 20-30 minutes.

Running the body and shoulders straight, hands naturally bent, the arm and the upper arm at right angles, before and after the natural swing, palm empty grip, thumb forward, four fingers light grip, feeling holding a live butterfly, feet pace Too big, long time to run too much easy to make people injured, soles of the feet or hind feet landing.