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Running Shoes Reviews
- Aug 23, 2017 -

Running for women, it helps to regulate menstruation and reduce gynecological diseases. American Obstetrics and Gynecology Champagne

Jiede conducted a survey of the menstrual cycle of 394 female athletes in the New York Marathon runoff in 1979 and found that 26%

Of the menstrual disorders of the women recovered normal cycle, 17% of menopausal women recovered menstruation. This is because run

Step to increase the metabolism, promote digestion and absorption, regulate the nervous system function, improve the endocrine function.

Running can temper people's will and perseverance, enhance toughness and patience, improve sensitivity, and promote the environment

The ability to adapt. Long-term adhere to the movement of people, in the completion of quantitative work has three characteristics: First, fast action;

The second is the potential, can play the greatest potential to complete the task; third is to restore fast, fatigue to eliminate fast also

Thorough, can quickly return to calm level.