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Tpr Outsole
- Dec 27, 2017 -

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TPR thermoplastic rubber, both rubber and thermoplastic materials.

TPR material has adjustable physical properties, easy to shape.

TPR than the major sole, shoe weight, poor flexibility, so the price is cheap.

The price determines the sole quality factors, TPR small proportion of soles, shoes light, good elasticity, easy to color, breathable, high strength and so on.

TPR shoes and children commonly used sports shoes, fashion shoes.

1. Than the wear resistance, rubber soles are more durable than TPR soles.

2. From the cost comparison, the rubber can not be recycled, TPR can be recycled, TPR soles lower than the cost of rubber soles.

3.TPR soles look better than the rubber bottom, decorative Ye Hao, the two materials is not easy to deform.

4. From an environmental point of view, TPR is a new environmentally friendly material, rubber is not environmentally friendly.

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TPR thermoplastic rubber, the product has a good softness and comfortable touch, with high resilience, non-slip, wear-resistant features, can be recycled, it is environmentally friendly.

TPR has always been a generalized generic term, including TPV, SEBS, SBS, TPO, TPU, EVA and other products. TPR shoes are mainly refers to the SBS modified shoe commonly known as (belonging to a TPR material application). TPR shoe material is based on the thermoplastic SBS-based production of a new type of polymer shoe materials, the performance of rubber and can press the thermoplastic.

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